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Clarity English

ClarityEnglish: You will feel fully satisfied when adopting this  program.

 "Al-Naya" provides this learning program for families in UAE according to high global standards followed in learning English as a second language. The program aims to let the learner practice all skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing). You can use this electronic program as an application on your smartphones or tablets in addition to your personal computer. 


CAMI consists of three basic programs:


Active Reading

Clear Pronunciation

Business Writing

Success Skills

ClarityEnglish in history:

In 1992, the program started in Malaysia.

In 1994, universities in Hong Kong started using it.

In 1996, the program widely spread in Australia, France, Spain, Canada and Middle East.

In 1997, Ministry of Education in UAE selected the program to train teachers. 

In 2003, British Council adopted this program in 227 institutes in the world. 

In 2007, the program was adopted by Higher Colleges of Technology in UAE.  

The program ClarityEnglish is widely used in schools ,universiities and many other international institutes and governmental departments and the most common partners are:

British council - Cambridge - Oxfode 

The higher technology college in UAE,United National,Ministry of Education in Malaysia