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CAMI Educational Program


CAMI (Computer Aided Mathematics Instruction)

Interesting, Simple and beneficial


Al-Naya feels proud to be the exclusive agent of CAMI in Middle East and North Africa. The program has been selected since it works on the following basic principle:

More skills in short time.

The idea of CAMI started in 1984 by Professor Charlle Forster whose aim was (Practice for Skills).

The idea was completely new as an electronic learning by computer. It focused on learners in their homes then it used to improve the level of students in their schools.

In 1993 many schools in Johannesburg adopted CAMI as an educational (software) program.

It also achieved competitive success in 1000 schools in South Africa. After that it widely spread in India, New Zealand, Sweden, USA, England and Finland which used the program in its hospitals to rehabilitate the children who face difficulty in schools.  CAMI now in the Middle East; particularly in UAE. CAMI is continuously growing and improving to match all modern global standards decided by well qualified pioneers and experts in the field of technology.

Success story (12 days only)

In 2011, a university in Gujarat, India, investigated the effectiveness of the CAMI program. A random sample of 160 students was selected to examine their educational behavior. After 12 days, the results of the study were amazing and the students achieved a rise in the outcome of their school results by up to 600% in the mathematics, English literature and perceptual skill.

What is CAMI?

CAMI is a program integrates learning and fun.

CAMI consists of 3 essential program.

CAMI has the scientific content of mathematics and English from grade 1 to 12.

Easy to use

Just double click on the program opens up the world of CAMI.


Using the computer itself is fun for the student, and CAMI integrates fun and learning.



CAMI(formathematics and English) ensures that students move from level to level and achieve success in the shortest time possible.

CAMI consists of three basic programs:

»CAMI Mathematics

1- Thousands of exercises

The program contains thousands of exercises covering the all curriculums (Ministry, British and American). Each mathematical concept has more than 100 exercises.

2 - Repetition

The learner can repeat the exercise he/she practices until he perfectly understands it.

3 – Correct yourself

When a learner makes a mistake, a red screen with the correct answer appears immediately, which enhances the learning from the error.

4- Each exercise has a detailed explanation of the solution method with examples analyzed.

5- The possibility of correcting the error.

The program alerts the learner from the beginning of the solution to an error by showing a small red sign.

6 – Search option.

One of the most important features of CAMI is to help the learner to search for a specific mathematical concept he needs to be trained.

7- Motivational drawings (a green flag) after each correct answer to encourage the learner.

8- Speed test (mental skill) to activate the performance of mathematical operations.

The speed test (mental skill) is one of the most important tests around the world, because it develops the ability of the person to perform various mathematical exercises (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) mentally without using a calculator or paper.

»CAMI Reader

Skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking

1- Thousands of English vocabulary within different exercises.

2- Search option

A learner can search for an English grammar and read a detailed explanation of it with examples.

3 - Clarification of the exercises.

Most exercises are accompanied by a detailed clarification (speed note) of    the solution.

4 - Repeated exercise.

The learner can practice the exercise more than once and each time he gets new vocabulary.

5 - Correct pronunciation: possibility of recording sound and compare it with the ideal pronunciation by natives.

CAMI provides the ability to record the learner's voice as he pronounces a sentence in English and then compares it with the correct pronunciation, giving the comparison result.

6 - The possibility of adding vocabulary to the program.

CAMI provides the possibility to add vocabulary to the program and then display these words in a separate list for the learner to train them (helps the learner to practice spelling in the school)

7- Speedy training

CAMI measures the reading speed of the learner by calculating the time he/she takes to read text and the number of words.

8- Recording the result of the learner, and the time he/she uses the program.

CAMI records the outcome of the learner's work, the time he takes, his/her percentage, his/her speed, and the date of use.

»CAMI perceptual skills

1- Concentration: auditory, visual, and strengthening memory.

CAMI Skills contains exercises based on strengthening the learner's focus on the senses of hearing and sight.

2-  Identifying:  colors - shapes - numbers and letters

CAMI Skills exercises are based on training the learner to distinguish colors, shapes, numbers and letters.

3-  Comparison: sizes - shapes - movement and acoustics

CAMI learners have the skills to compare sizes, shapes, directions, and acoustics.

4- The accuracy of observation: the body - the spatial perception

*CAMI Skills have the power to observe the quantities, the connection of things in places, the association of objects and their shadows.