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About Al Naya

Technology in The Service of Education

Education Beyond Time and Space

The culture of self-learning is considered the strategic trend of Al-Naya. We want our learners to acquire skills that empower them to face challenges, choose correctly and to serve their community successfully

» Vision

Offering advanced competitive educational solutions by using technology for all learning levels.


» Mission

Providing educational programs based on self-learning supported by technical and advisory services to promote learners skills

» Objectives

Al-Naya adopts the idea of self-learning as a supplement for the traditional ways to have more effective and entertaining learning. We aim to attain the following objectives:

1- Enhancing learners’ knowledge by repeating information.

2- More information in less time.

3- More self- confidence without distress of committing mistakes.

4- Polarizing the learners who have difficulties in the traditional learning.

5- Improving the educational level of the whole community.

6- Spreading the technological learning as a culture in Middle East.

» About us

"Al-Naya" is a pioneering company for educational programs in the Middle East. Al-Naya adopts the best solutions and educational means from global sources and it seeks to apply them in Middle East and North Africa.

"Al-Naya" realizes all the difficulties and challenges in the region of the Middle East so it has taken UAE as its headquarters since 2015.

Al-Naya ensures that its supplement services and products absolutely improve the education quality for all levels.

» Our products

Our products aim to enhance the learners’ environment and to improve their skills by supporting their self-confidence, saving their time and activating their memory.