About Alnaya Group

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About Alnaya Group

Alnaya Group

Alnaya Group includes number of companies with various activities. It was established in 2015 in United Arab Emirates; that it drew strategic plans to reach the top and achieve its futuristic vision. Alnaya is operating on two approaches:
- Adopting global products and localizing them in the Middle East and North Africa.
- Producing global products that keep pace with the contemporary technological developments.

The company, since its establishment up to now, is progressing steadily and systematically at all levels and working on making its plans to develop and widen its business which led to achieve the level of comprehensive ripeness. Alnaya as a leader company in the Middle East keens on providing the best and most important products and supporting them with the required services that satisfy its customers’ needs.

Thanks to this variety package of products and services in addition to the full awareness with market requirements and the ability to provide integrated development plans at a regular pace; Alnaya Group becomes one of the most important leading companies; that it is characterized by its strong presence in the local markets and toward global markets in the near future.


Our mission is to be prominent reference model of products and services’ quality and variety both locally and globally, and to maintain leadership and originality, and precede customers’ ambitions in services’ level, in addition to contributing in the advancement and development of the society.


Our vision is to be the leading group in the Middle East and North Africa by providing a strategic group of products and services through specialized companies and knowledgeable employees beside the investment of the experiences and values at all aspects to be leaders in the global market.