Product Details

What is

Alnaya E-Commerce has inaugurated website in 2017 in United Arab Emirates to find comprehensive electronic advertising platform that gathers the results of all classifieds sites in one place, and help advertisers to ensure that their ads will reach the most possible segment. At the same time, the site provides the user with wide range of classifieds from advertising websites in order to save time and find whatever the user searches for such as cars, real states, jobs, electronics, services, and Misc. in one site instead of browsing many sites.

After achieving unprecedented success in United Arab Emirates, The web site has been launched in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arab Republic of Egypt, and soon in all Middle East countries.


Why is the best advertising website? is not a classifieds website, but it is a search engine extracts the results of many websites and gathers them to the user in an easy and enjoyable style.


Our Mission:

The management of seeks to achieve the following targets:

  • Delivering ads to the most visitors and users and achieve local and global spread for the website through spreading our site using many advertising methods such as social media, radio, and television.
  • In short time, we could reach goo global and local rank comparing with many other advertising site, and we seek to reach the first rank in the near future.
  • Achieving real benefit and the desired aim of the advertisers through publishing this ads and ensure delivering them to the targeted segment.
  • Converting the search for ads into fun by organizing the searching process and making it easy through using the modern techniques.
  • To be proactive in achieving the market requirements and following the development of our services to suit the needs of the users.

Sections: contains two types of classifications:

Cities: Each country is classified into different cities according to each country.

Ads: includes 6 main classifications and each one includes many secondary classifications, about 1561 subcategories, which help the user to add and find his requirements easily, these subcategories are:

1- Real States: in Real State classification you can easily sell, buy, and rent flats, villas, studios, lands and all other real states that are available within the country.

2- Vehicles: in this classification, you can easily sell and buy light and heavy vehicles, motorcycles, boats and its spare parts and accessories in all conditions either new or used.

3- Jobs: this classification help you to find the most up to date job requests and contact them. Additionally, the companies also can advertise their vacancies.

4- Electronics: this classification includes all types of electronics such as; household appliances, personal devices, Internet or communications, that you can buy and sell easily. 

5- Services: this classification includes all services at all aspects that may be individual services, companies, or labs…etc.

6- Misc: This classification includes varied group of different sections such as (cosmetics, Sports devices, housewares, musical instruments, toys, antiques and collectibles, animals, watches, health and fitness, perfumes, etc.).



Futuristic plans: will proceed providing its best for its customers and will work on continual development and update to be able to meet all users’ needs using the best modern techniques and add new ideas suitable for both individuals and companies. Some of our plans are:

1- Wide spread in all Middle East countries.

2- Adding special services for companies.

3- Adding comprehensive and integrated guide of all companies with all related information that will provide the user with massive information in one site.